Inventory Management System (IMS) is an integrated on line system. Inventory Management System has been implemented for receipt and issue of items from Stores & Stationery. Inventory Management System will be useful for transparency of inventory, location of items, the ideal places to move them to, monitoring of the trend of consumption, and planning and calculation of procurement accordingly. Inventory Management System with a view to reducing non-availability of items/spares leading to non-availability of items and reducing inventory costs by minimizing non-moving inventory. Inventory Management System is an on-line system which would make all items/spares available. Inventory Management System aims to provide solution for management and would aid in realising the vision of lean and dynamic organisation by embedding the core concepts viz. total assets visibility and auto information triggers.

Inventory Management System is like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has to address all issues connected with process integration, information integration and people integration. Receipt, issue and monitoring of items from Stores & Stationery to different sections of ZSI have been made through Inventory Management System.

All the office works related with Stores & Purchase will be IT based and data may be available at one secure place. Due to its long gestation period, infrastructure needs advance and integrated planning amongst all the sections to ensure that the end result is cost-effective without duplication of effort and investment. A sound and secure infrastructure will enable the Department to undertake its tasks in the most effective manner and thus become a force multiplier in the days to come. These functions will be immensely benefitted by the use of a network grid, which will enable a quick and effective response. With an aim to maintain a paperless environment in Zoological Survey of India, IMS based technology will be useful.

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